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You’ll never

        need to do

        this again


         When you install your flooring using ISE Logik

         MVRA 900 moisture vapor reduction admixture,
         TAYLOR Adhesives, and a CFI Certified Flooring
         Installer, you’ll never need to cross your fingers. That’s

         because you’ll get a Lifetime Warranty* on failures
         due to concrete moisture vapor emission, a Lifetime

         Warranty* of the flooring product adhesive bond, and a
         Lifetime Warranty* of the flooring product installation
         performance. So don’t just wish for a good result, guarantee

         a great one. Get the details at

                                                     *Lifetime Warranty of the adhesive matches the warranty duration
                                                       of the flooring material being installed. Get full details online.

                            PROACTIVE CONCRETE SOLUTIONS

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