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C H AI R M A N ’ S L E T T E R

                     Education is the Foundation of Success

                         BY PAT KELLY, FCICA CHAIRMAN
             FCICA BELIEVES IN EDUCATION.   Air, Maryland location. Attendees took   held an in-person 3 Days to CIM event in
           WE PLACE SUCH A VALUE ON IT,     part in two educational sessions and two   Atlanta, GA where 30 students successfully
           THAT IT IS A GUIDING PRINCIPLE   demonstrations and a networking lunch.   completed the CIM Program. We encourage
           OF OUR MISSION: “WE HELP         FCICA is planning future regional meetings   members to consider hosting a 3 Days to
           MAKE COMMERCIAL FLOORING         - don’t miss the next event in your area.  CIM event and enrolling your employees in
           CONTRACTORS SUCCESSFUL             Between the 2021 Mid-Year Meeting   the Program. It will promote team building,
           THROUGH EXPERT EDUCATION,        and the 2022 Annual Convention, we   industry networking, and brand awareness
           SHARING BEST PRACTICES, AND      offered additional education opportunities   if serving as a host.
           PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING.” FOR    including monthly Education and Product   While discussing the 3 Days to CIM
           THOSE WHO VALUE EDUCATION,       focused webinars and the 2022 May   event Jesse Tranel, CIM, Vice President of
           DESIGNING AND INSTALLING THE     Virtual Meeting where over 130 registrants   DCO Commercial Floors and Program host,
           PROPER ENVIRONMENT FOR           participated in this free 2-day virtual event.   shared “It was a great opportunity from a
           LEARNING HELPS SET THE STAGE FOR   Registration was open to all, regardless   team-building and networking perspective.
           STUDENTS TO SUCCEED.             of membership status. The virtual event   Our team had the chance to spend time
             Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment   included 6 educational sessions and an   together and collaborate with outside
           in knowledge pays the best interest,” – an   opening keynote ‘Growing the Commercial   industry professionals. There were great
           adage FCICA follows. FCICA finds value in   Flooring Business Over the Next 3-5   conversations centered on best practices,
           and focuses on providing expert education   Years’ from Whitney Welch, RID, IIDA,   solutions, and ideas on managing projects.
           to the commercial flooring community  Vice President Commercial Sales, Daltile   Relationships were built and strengthened
             Our upcoming Convention, March 27-  Corporation.                 that will benefit the CIM participants in
           30, 2023 at the El Conquistador in Tucson,   FCICA’s Member Meet-Up, held the first   their careers. The personal interaction
           AZ provides the opportunity for attendees   Wednesday of every month at 11 AM CT, is   was invaluable and would have been a
           to connect with premier commercial   a platform for members to discuss flooring   missed opportunity if we enrolled them
           flooring contractors, consultants, and   industry topics from installation techniques   individually in the online certification.”
           manufacturers, attend educational   to business challenges and learn best   We encourage our readers to take full
           sessions, product demonstrations, and the   practices from your colleagues.  advantage of the educational opportunities
           Commercial Flooring Trade Show, and still   Last and most certainly not least,   FCICA provides and remember what
           have ample time to network. The in-person   FCICA is very proud of its Certified   Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment
           Mid-Year meeting will be October 10-13,   Installation Manager Program (CIM) -   in knowledge pays the best interest.” I
           2022 in Lago Mar, FL. Registration will   the only certification program available   look forward to seeing you all at the next
           open soon.                       for Floor Covering Installation Project   in-person educational event - the 2022 Mid-
             On May 18, we held our second Regional  Managers. From its inception in 2016, this   Year Meeting October 10-13, at the Lago
           Meeting in the Baltimore area. The event   certification program has graduated over   Mar Resort & Club in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
           was hosted at Spartan Surfaces at their Bel   200 installation managers. We recently   

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                                                                           programs offered through FCICA.
                                                                         4. Increase recognition of FCICA’s value within
                                                                           the industry.
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